Blogging Guidelines


Your student blogs will naturally show your unique voices and that is one of the things I love most.  Specific blog topics and assignments will be posted either on this blog or on our Google Classroom site, but to keep you and your classmates safe, you must always adhere to these general blogging guidelines.

  • Always think carefully about your words before you publish/post!

Once you publish, your post is public and many people can see it. You can’t take back what’s been made public, even if you change it. So always think about putting your best foot out there, so to speak. Check, double-check, and re-check your post before you hit that Publish button! You can write in or copy & paste into a Word document to spell check, read it aloud to see whether it makes sense; and have someone you trust proofread — do this before you publish.


I downloaded this poster from: and I got the idea for it from:

  • Be constructive and kind! When you write your opinion, be respectful and constructive – remember the H and K in THINK. You will disagree with the opinions of some people; if you respond, keep it kind and compassionate.

Along these same lines – keep all your comments on other student blogs helpful, respectful, and constructive.

  • Respect Privacy of yourself and others!

Use only your first name and do not include phone numbers, addresses, or personal information. Be sure to only use the names of other people if you have their permission, and only use first names of other students.

  • Cite your Sources!

Always give credit to your sources. It’s horrible to find out that someone used your words or ideas and did not give you credit.

Purdue Online Writing

Be careful about your facts and sources! We have talked about reliable sources in class; be sure to use these as the basis for your opinions and facts. Don’t be the purveyor of misconceptions. It helps your reputation as a blogger if you use unbiased, fact-based sources.

  • Keep the focus!

Our assignments will always have an educational purpose, usually science-based. Creativity is appreciated, but don’t stray off the purpose of the assignment.

I love this video on how to start writing a blog. It’s not all relevant to us at WHS, but some of it is.

Here is a short video about copyrights on images and using images in blogs.



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