Welcome to Science at Waldport High School on the beautiful Oregon Coast! This is the blog for our Science classes.





My name is Kama Almasi and I have lived on the central Oregon coast off and on for many years. I started teaching in Lincoln County in 2008 as a math and science teacher. At Waldport HS I teach my favorite subject – Science! I have found that students learn best when they DO science, so I have been increasingly teaching project-based learning classes; this means we do small to large-scale projects that are relevant to life or society, and culminate in students doing something or presenting something to the world.

I am also advisor to several clubs: Upstanders’ Club, a group of students dedicated to making our school and society a safe place for everyone; HPr3, or Club Med, a very active club for students interested in medical or science careers.

I also co-advise the Robotics Club with Mr. Wood and Ms. Steinman. Students interested in Robotics and ROVs should definitely check out this after-school club. In Spring of 2015 we had several teams win categories in the regional competition. For the 2016 competition, we received a grant from the Siletz Tribal Charitable Foundation that allowed middle and high school teams to compete in the April, 2016 regional competition and our middle school team placed third!

This year I will be teaching:

  • Integrated Science (9th grade): This class has a strong focus on the physical sciences, including chemistry, physics, earth sciences, and astronomy.
  • Biology (10th grade): All about life! We will be studying biochemistry, cells, genetics, ecology, and evolution. Projects will include a bioengineering project with creation of synthetic tissues and
  • Chemistry (11th/12th grades): this year Chemistry will be dual credit, with college credit offered by Oregon Institute of Technology. Although heavily based in labs and projects, this is a highly academic class.
  • Physics (11th/12th grades): This year Physics will be heavily lab and project-based. It is intense, but very fun. One of the projects we will be working on is the Renewable Energy Challenge – a contest held at Hatfield Marine Science Center to create a “green” energy generator. Winners of this competition travel to a national competition!

This site has several purposes:

  1. I will try to write weekly updates for parents and students to keep track of what’s going on in Science.
  2. Some of my classes will be writing their own blogs throughout the year.
  3. This is a quick, alternate way for parents and students to reach me and make public comments or ask questions. Remember that commenting is public!